Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Isle of Lewis

 Using an ilford B&W hp5+ 400 film i took this selection of photos. Above is a photo of my mum

 I really like these two photos. I put them together as they collaborate well expressing a person an place. I like the natural lighting from the window and the subtle details of the flowers and jars.

These four images express the life of a local crofter. Whilst working with a local photographer, Andrea Ingram I was able to explore the different lives of the people living on the Hebrideans.

experimenting with ambiguity and quirkiness

I like the unusual camera angles in this set of photos. I also like the over exposure creating a very light photo. I also experimented with taking an image with movement, making the object in the image ambigious, focussing on pattern, colour and movement. In the first image i deliberately used the umbrella as a framing device in the image creating a foreground and background.

cornwall a walk through the woods to the sea

This group of images were taken on a cheap 200 colour film. The colours are autumnal and express a certain sense of melancholy. I like the light leaks on a couple of the photos as it creates a quirkiness and adds colour to the some what bleak tones of the wintery scenes.

person and place

I like this set of intimate images. They express the person through her surroundings; being in her beloved garden. The vibrant colours of the flowers combined with her skirt have a joyful element. I took these using a cheap 200 colour film from poundland in a Kodak retinette camera. Not only was i trying to capture the person in a certain place but i was also experimenting with the position of the figure in the picture plane and how this effects the visual view.

digital pattern series, earth tones (early work)